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Meeting and discussion with Jacques Rancière in Belgrade :: documentation

On occasion of the publication of his 2 books [The Ignorant Schoolmaster, visit web Poetics of Knowledge] Jacques Rancière visited Serbia, online Croatia and Slovenia from March 29 to April 04, 2010. In Belgrade, Zagreb, Rijeka and Ljubljana Rancière held 3 lectures and several discussions.

Participants of the Deschooling Classroom project had opportunity to meet and discuss with the famous French philosopher about his lecture in Belgrade, and also about his critical ideas from the  book The Ignorant Schoolmaster, which is one of the tree most important references for this project.

Here you can find an audio documentation of the Rancière’s discussion with the Deschooling Classroom participants:

Here you can find an audio documentation of the Rancière’s Belgrade lecture The Method of Equality: Politics and Poetics:

For more info about the philosopher, his books and the events in Belgrade, Zagreb, Rijeka and Ljubljana, visit:

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