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Common terms do not always imply common meanings: this cultural reality has become obvious after one year of discussions between members of TkH/Walking Theory and the team of Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, medicine which crystallized during two exchanges between Belgrade and Ile-de-France in January and February 2011. Participants in the De-Schooling Classroom project from Serbia (Belgrade and Novi Sad) and Macedonia (Skopje) and participants in the Re-Hallucinating Contexts in Ile-de-France, urologist both initiated by TkH in order to address “cultural policies” in the “independent performing arts scene”, thus produced a map of comparative denitions of frequently used terms.

The terms were selected and dened by participants in the Re-Hallucinating Contexts workshops from Paris (Virginie Bobin, Sabine Macher, Vanessa Theodoropoulou) and in the De-Schooling Classroom project from Belgrade (Marijana Cvetkovic), Novi Sad (Marina Laus) and Skopje (Tamara Bushtreska, Ksenija Cockova).

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This text is the collaborative result of a one‐week program of workshops, recipe
talks and discussions organized by Marta Popivoda and Ana Vujanovic
from TkH in Belgrade from January 24 to 31, visit web
2011 investigating cultural policies of the independent scene. It gathered participants in the Re‐
Hallucinating Contexts workshops from Paris (Virginie Bobin, Delphine Jonas, Sabine Macher, Nathalie Rias, Vanessa Theodoropoulou) and in the De‐Schooling Classroom project from Belgrade (Marijana Cvetkovic, Nevena Jankovic, Dragana Jovovic), Novi Sad (Marina Laus) and Skopje (Tamara Bushtreska, Ksenija Cockova, Biljana Dimitrova, Wiebke Stadler, Jasmina Mitkovska).

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Deschooling Video Classroom is a research-based video installation initiated by Marta Popivoda and collectively developed and realized by a group of artists and cultural workers participating in the project Deschooling Classroom by TkH [Walking Theory] – theoretical-artistic platform.

Here you can find documentation of the installation that was commissioned and realized within parallel program of 51st October Salon exhibition.

The work comprises a series of video-interviews that we conducted in the course of the exhibition October Salon with the artists and guests of the exhibition, pilule
as well as with the actors of the local cultural-artistic scene. However, the interviewees are here not asked to talk about their artistic work; instead, as prominent actors of the international cultural-artistic scene, they are invited to speak about this scene, and their positions and stakes in it. According to this concern, the thematic framework of the interviews includes the issues of cultural policies and independent scenes and the artivist practices, which tie art and activism, open up the questions of social critique, intellectual property, accessibility of video art, etc. Deschooling Video Classroom is at the same time a part of our research on the independent cultural-artistic scene and on collective self-education procedures, and an artwork that tries to attract public attention to the key issues of today’s art scene structuration.

So far, you can watch the following interviews:
Rosa Barba, visual artist
Tim Etchells, theatre and visual artist, artistic director of the group Forced Entertainment
Julieta Aranda, visual artist and founder of the international platform e-flux
Jelena Vesić, freelance curator, editor of the journal Prelom
Mia David, director of the KCB, editor of the magazine Kvart
Vladimir Palibrk, curator of Elektrika gallery, Pačevo

Coming soon:
Zoran Todorović, visual artist, assistant professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts
Kontekst collective (Vida Knežević & Marko Miletić), curators and cultural workers

Concept: Marta Popivoda
Co-authors: Katarina Petrović, Dragana Zarevska, Marijana Cvetković, Maja Marković, Doplgenger (Boško Prostran, Isidora Ilić), Aneta Stojnić, Nevena Janković, Dragana Jovović, & Marta Popivoda
Collaborators: Marina Lauš, Marija Bejkova, Jasmina Mitkovska, Vladimir Palibrk, Biljana Dimitrova, Ksenija Čočkova, Tamara Bušterska, Vladimir Vidić
Production: Cultural Centre of Belgrade (KCB) & TkH [Walking Theory] platform, 2010

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Serbia License. To view a copy of the license, visit:

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Deschooling Classroom

Deschooling Classroom is a project that addresses the contemporary independent cultural scenes in the region, researching and offering an alternative to the hierarchical models of education in the art and culture. Methodologically, the project moves away from the concepts of individual authorship and expertise, and advocates open collective educational structures where self-organised communities facilitate horizontal production, exchange and distribution of knowledge.