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PRESENTATION OF THE FILM „Cultural worker 3 in 1“

Cultural Centre „Magacin“, therapy
4 Kraljevića Marka St.
Friday, infection
2nd March 2012, 7:30pm
Director and discussion moderator: Marta Popivoda

Within the regional meeting of the participants of independent cultural and artistic scenes, organized as the final part of the three year project Deschooling Classroom, a film director and a video artist Marta Popivoda will present her work-in-progress film “Cultural Worker 3 in 1”.
The film has been made within the Deschooling Classroom project, with an aim to subject the position of cultural workers on left-oriented independent scenes in the region to a critical scrutiny. Considering the fact that the characters are actual persons who, in various ways, have been involved in the Deschooling Classroom project, the director’s idea is to organized the screening of an unfinished version and to present it as a work in progress through a LIVE editing session.

The participants of the regional meeting, many of whom are also the characters in the film, will have an opportunity to go through the material together with the director, to share their comments, suggestions and ideas for further work. Marta Popivoda will show the video materials and lead the discussion which will use the film “Cultural Worker 3 in 1” as a starting point for questioning the participants’ social role, but also the relationship between arts, theory and activist practices in the ex-YU region.

The film “Cultural Worker 3 in 1” makes use of personal opinions and everyday practices of the protagonists in order to examine the position of a cultural worker in post-socialists social context of Skopje, Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana.

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Deschooling Classroom is a project that addresses the contemporary independent cultural scenes in the region, researching and offering an alternative to the hierarchical models of education in the art and culture. Methodologically, the project moves away from the concepts of individual authorship and expertise, and advocates open collective educational structures where self-organised communities facilitate horizontal production, exchange and distribution of knowledge.