collective self-education in the arts and culture…

Speakers and moderators:

Ana Vujanović was born in Belgrade in 1975 and now bases herself in Belgrade, viagra sale
Berlin and Paris. She works as a freelance theorist, approved
researcher, writer, lecturer, organizer and dramaturge in the field of contemporary performing arts and culture. Vujanović graduated in Theatre and Radio Production at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade, and wrote her PhD dissertation on the field of Theatre studies. She also attended the School for Image and Politics at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Belgrade, and graduated from the Culture and Gender Studies department at Belgrade’s Alternative Academic Educational Network. She is a member of the editorial collective TkH (Walking Theory) Platform (Belgrade), and is editor-in-chief of the TkH journal for performing arts theory.

Iskra Geshoska is executive director of NGO Kontrapunkt(Cultural center Tochka). She is working in the field of cultural policy especially concerning the issue of independent cultural scene. She was consultant in the Ministry of Culture of Macedonia in the period of 2002-2006. She is publishing essays and theoretical overviews concerning cultural studies and performing arts.

Dr. Marina Grzinić, philosopher, artist and theoretician. She works in Ljubljana and Vienna. Grzinic is Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Institute of Fine Arts, Post Conceptual Art Practices. She is researcher at the Institute of Philosophy at the ZRC SAZU (Scientific and Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Art) in Ljubljana. She also works as freelance media theorist, art critic and curator.

Milena Dragićević Šešić is Cultural policy amd management professor, researcher, author, consultant and editor. Author of numerous books and studies translated in 15 languages. An international lecturer on cultural policy and management. Expert and consultancy work in cultural policy and management for European Cultural Foundation, Council of Europe, UNESCO, Foundation Marcel Hicter, Pro Helvetia, British Council…

Jasna Koteska (born 1970, Skopje, Macedonia). Works as an Assistant Teacher at the University Sc. Cyril and Methodius, and as a Lecturer at the Center for Women Studies in Skopje. Holds master degrees in literature (University of Skopje) and in gender studies (Central European University, Budapest). She is the editor of Sexualities in the journal Identities. Jasna Koteska was editor of Blesok Reviews.

Miško Šuvaković was born in 1954 in Belgrade. He was a co-founder and member of conceptual artistic Group 143 (1975-1980), a co-founder and member of informal theory and art group “Community for Space Investigation” (1982-1989), and is a member of platform for performing arts theory and practice Walking theory (TkH, from 2000). He is a professor of aesthetics and theory of art at the Faculty of Music and Interdisciplinary studies at the University of Arts, Belgrade. He published numerous essays and books in Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, German, Hungarian, Chinese and English languages: Impossible Histories (2003, 2006), Epistemology of Art (2008), Konceptualna umetnost (2008),The Clandestine Histories of The OHO Group (2010).

Tomislav Medak is a philosopher with interests in constellations contemporary political philosophy, media theory and aesthetics. He is co-ordinating theory program and publishing activities of the Multimedia Institute/MAMA (Zagreb, Croatia). He’s a free software and free culture advocate. He’s project lead of Croatian Creative Commons team and board member of international commons organization iCommons. He’s member of urban activist initiative Right to the City.He is a member of the Zagreb based theatre company BADco and of Multimedial institute, Zagreb.

Jelena Vesić is independent  curator, cultural activist and editor based in Belgrade. Co-editor of Prelom – Journal of Images and Politics 2001-2009 and founding member of independent organization Prelom Kolektiv . Also, founding member of the network of independent organizations Other Scene (Belgrade)  and co-editor of Red Thread – Journal for social theory, contemporary art and activism (Istanbul) since 2009. Her research is dedicated to the politics of representation in art and visual culture, practices of self-organization and politization of cultural work. Her curatorial practice often experiments with frameworks, methodologies, and contextual and collaborative aspects of art.

Teodor Celakoski is project coordinator at Multimedia Institute, Zagreb. In last ten years he initiated several projects and platforms focused on advocating change in the Croatian culture policy field like Clubture, Zagreb Culture Kapital of Europe 3000, Alliance for Center for Independent Culture and Youth. Recently he is engaged with The Right to the City campaign fighting against devastation of public spaces in Zagreb and Croatia.

Marta Popivoda (Belgrade, 1982) is film and video maker, but also cultural worker from Belgrade. She is part of the TkH collective of theorists and artists (TkH=Walking Theory), which deals with the problematics of performance paradigm in art, culture and theory. TkH is mostly active on the independent art scenes in Belgrade and Paris. In her solo projects she explores cinema as a medium and format of contemporary art and as a tool of knowledge production. Her most widely known work is illegal_cinema (2007-…), which has been presented in France, Turkey, Spain, Croatia and Serbia. She also collaborates in theatre performances and contemporary opera as video artist. Occasionally publishes theoretical texts and reviews

Slavčo Dimitrov (b. 1984) holds a diploma for Comparative and General Literature at the University of St. Cyril and Methodius and holds MA in Gender Studies and Philosophy, on the subject of: Genealogical Deconstruction of the Confessional Subject: Political and Ethical Implications. He is a PhD candidate in Gender Studies and Philosophy. He is working as a researcher, teaching assistant and project coordinator in the Visual and Cultural Research Centre at the Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities Research Euro-Balkan, Skopje.

Marijana Cvetković is PhD candidate at the University of Arts in Belgrade (museum management and development). Founder of Station Service for contemporary dance and Nomad Dance Academy, Balkan platform for development of contemporary dance and performing arts. Cultural activist at the independant cultural scenes of Belgrade and Serbia. Since 2009 teaches as guest lecturer and teaching assistent at the MA in cultural management and cultural policy at the University of Arts in Belgrade (UNESCO Chair). Since 2011 teaches at MA in performance research programme at the same university (in cooperation with Warwick University, UK and University of Amsterdam).

Vida Knežević and Marko Miletić are working together within Kontekst collective. Through their work, constant learning process and interaction with local and international art and activist scenes, they developed an understanding of their work as a space for critical and political action through contemporary art and culture.

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PRESENTATION OF THE FILM „Cultural worker 3 in 1“

Cultural Centre „Magacin“, therapy
4 Kraljevića Marka St.
Friday, infection
2nd March 2012, 7:30pm
Director and discussion moderator: Marta Popivoda

Within the regional meeting of the participants of independent cultural and artistic scenes, organized as the final part of the three year project Deschooling Classroom, a film director and a video artist Marta Popivoda will present her work-in-progress film “Cultural Worker 3 in 1”.
The film has been made within the Deschooling Classroom project, with an aim to subject the position of cultural workers on left-oriented independent scenes in the region to a critical scrutiny. Considering the fact that the characters are actual persons who, in various ways, have been involved in the Deschooling Classroom project, the director’s idea is to organized the screening of an unfinished version and to present it as a work in progress through a LIVE editing session.

The participants of the regional meeting, many of whom are also the characters in the film, will have an opportunity to go through the material together with the director, to share their comments, suggestions and ideas for further work. Marta Popivoda will show the video materials and lead the discussion which will use the film “Cultural Worker 3 in 1” as a starting point for questioning the participants’ social role, but also the relationship between arts, theory and activist practices in the ex-YU region.

The film “Cultural Worker 3 in 1” makes use of personal opinions and everyday practices of the protagonists in order to examine the position of a cultural worker in post-socialists social context of Skopje, Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana.

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